[…], I made this recipe last night, I did not get the 3 layers but I think it was because I did not incorporate the egg whites enough… still very tasty and will try to make it again I want the 3 layers!!!! To be honest, during my flu he took upon himself all responsibilities about our son and home and really deserved to finally make him this Magic Custard Cake. texture then jiggly, but that’s how they prefer it. This added the perfect amount of sweetness and flavour. I would also like to know if almond milk or oat milk could be a substitute for regular milk. or 2 of vanilla flavoring or other flavoring? Thanks! Is there really only 1 cup of flour compared to 2 cups of milk? Debbie U.K. HI Debbie, it’s icing sugar. Is it all just one mix, and the custard comes out in the middle? You have to try this delicious, triple layered cake. I think the part where I fail is the folding. Especially when it comes to a holidays and family […], […] but it will also satisfy your sweet tooth! I imagine you grease and flour the paper? And how long should I bake it for? I also use a dash of nutmeg. It really made the cake taste less eggy and have a stronger vanilla taste. Does it matter what kind (fat %) of milk? So maybe this isnt the dish for you. I don’t know what I did wrong , Hi Alaina, sorry to hear that, I don´t know what went wrong…. I’m hoping it’s a little less rubbery as it develops, but I’m OK with the texture and the flavor turned out well. You should mention in the recipe not to try to make it smooth, that lumps are ok and even necessary to form the top layer. I made this for my husband, he was over the moon about this cake and didn’t share it with anyone. Hi Bernita, you don’t use box vanilla pudding for this recipe. ... Cake, 6" Chocolate Fudge. And what makes […]. Line the bottom of the pan with crust. With cocoa or melted chocolate? Soooooooo smooth and delightful. Would it still bake and taste ok? But I thought, when I’d come this far already (my oven was hot, the mixture was done) the, I will pour it in the pan and pop in to bake. I really like this cake even though I’ve only gotten the really poofy and distinct layers once so it’s not that a failed cake is bad. Fold in the egg whites (1/3 at a time, then repeat until all of the egg whites are folded in). Thought this might b a new twist on yummy flavor but …yuck. Hi Lori, I haven’t tried chocolate version yet,but you have so many chocolate magic custard cake recipe on the web. It tasted great. *. I followed the recipe, but mine turned out with only two layers: a large dense chewy main layer and a thin kind angel food like top layer. Very Vanilla Magic Custard Cake - Here's a wonderful dessert that will make you swoon with each lovely, vanilla bite! I have had this lovely custard cake at a pastry shop in Asheville, N.C. For the friends or relatives who don’t like pumpkin you could make a equally delicious magic cake or a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, they will love you for […], Yuck. I’ve made it twice and have kept it in the refrigerator each time. I reeeeaaaallly want that center layer! Thank you! Will it still turn out ok? This was so yum and easy to make! Am I supposed to fold in the egg whites into a liquid? Is it 1/2 cup of butter after melted right? Some whites in the yolks wont hurt anything but yolks in the whites will prevent them from beating stiffly. Was taught in culinary class years ago, 1/2 cup melted butter is not the same as 1/2 cup solid butter melted although it seems it should be. I followed the recipe to a T! It’s cooling now so I can’t cut to see how it looks inside. He couldn’t stop raving, about how great this treat was. Hi Jasmine,I’m really sorry to hear that. I love custard so I will have to try it. I just made I and it’s cooling but I live in Denver and it is a ile high! I made it with all purpose gluten free flour tonight with about 1/2 tsp of Xanthan gum and it tasted beautiful. Finally, add the butter and give it a good mix. The miracle really happened in the oven. Going to try the 8×8 pan and if i like it i will double it for family gatherings. Baked about 40-42 mins. Mix in the flour until evenly incorporated. I think next time I will put a thin pie or cookie crust at the bottom because it just needs a little texture at the bottom. 1 cup should weigh in out five ounces. I made this yesterday. It doesn’t hurt it at all. If so, have you noticed a baking difference, in how long it takes to cook? ... For the chocolate custard, first place the soy milk, maple syrup and cacao in … It’s been sitting in the oven for exactly 40 minutes. When you added the 1/4 c to the egg whites, did you draw that from the total amount of sugar? I used an equal amount of Bette Hagman’s “Featherlite” flour blend (recipe is out there on the web). Just looking at the recipe, I would think it needs some salt. I’ve made this cake so many times and yet I still don’t know why it succeeds or fails. But, it turned out exactly what the picture looks . Made this yesterday, you are correct, funny looking batter. Bake until partially done (about 5 minutes) then pour desired recipe on top. My hat is off to you! Or at least add another tsp. I won’t recommend using 19×13 baking dish. I made this today and was wondering does it need to be refrigerated?? Use to make custard puffs a lot. You have the recipe for chocolate version on my blog https://omgchocolatedesserts.com/chocolate-magic-custard-cake/. The batter should be thin and the egg whites will float on top when you pour the patter into baking dish, that way they will form top layer while baking. $ 23.75 Home / Collections / Buttercream Cakes / Cake, 6" Vanilla Custard. If it turns out a little bland, how would it work to replace some of the flour with a box of instant vanilla pudding mix? Whip the egg whites until stiff peaks form, set aside. I normally bring two large cakes. I never use self rising unless the recipe specifically calls for it. My husband liked it so much he ask me to make it again the next day. It reminded me of tapioca pudding but without the texture. The bottom layer was too thick, tasted like eggs, not sweet at all, sort of bland. my daughter makes this and the chocolate one…. Does the magic vanilla cake need to be refrigerated? You’ve probably already seen and heard a lot about those magic cakes, but believe it or not I’ve never tried them until now. That’s how I call my collection of simple and easy 15 minutes dessert recipes which I use when I’m really not able to make some complicated treats. I fear powdered will turn it into a paste. I made this cake twice and both times the top layer sinks. Is this normal to be so watery? Since this cake is called ‘magic’ it may just work. Chocolate Brownie Cake. this looks great. In response to the question about having a crust on the bottom, you can do so with most baked goods either by doing a sugar cookie crust or a pie crust. Vanilla Magic Custard Cake is melt-in-your-mouth soft and creamy. HI Mary, I think you should add 1/2 cup cocoa and use only 3/4 cup flour.I haven’t tried chocolate version yet. If the chocolate version sounds better than a vanilla for you, than you should check the Chocolate Magic Cake. The baking time is the same. I added nutmeg to it before baking and I tried it with regular margarine as that was what I had on hand. Watch it closely during the last 10 minuets (and I think the recipe should read 35-45 rater than 40 to 50 minutes) and take it out when it is golden on top and still more jigggly than might seem appropriate. I didn’t get the three layers but I think it was because I didn’t incorporate the egg whites enough into the batter. Keep in mind that, like eggs, it will continue to cook when you pull it out, so get it away from the stove and to a cool place as soon as possible. It's basically a pumpkin custard pie but it's a cake as well. Can this be made with less sugar or sugar substitute? Hi Carrie, I did not add the filling. I am lactose intolerant but I am very interested in the recipe. Fill a pastry bag with the tempered chocolate. Will definitely try again in an appropriately sized pan or will double the recipe. Hello and welcome to my kitchen!!! Place egg yolks, water and sugar into a mixing bowl and beat on high until eggs are light and creamy. Check on the cake at 30 minutes, to make sure it doesn't burn. German Bienenstich Kuchen (Bee Sting Cake) 2 hrs Ratings. Repeat the same step with the vanilla custard. Combine with a spatula until all the cacao has dissolved. also most of the recipes call for 3/4 cup of flour, I like the way yours looks, it seems to have a nice balance, many did not have such a creamy custard for second layer and a lot of them had a much thicker cake for the top. The vanilla cake looks fantastic. For those asking about GF, I believe that they have a GF version. In the meantime, prepare the coconut whipped cream, by simply mixing all ingredients together in a chilled bowl. It turned out just like your pictures and is absolutely delicious. These two cakes are not vegan desserts, but they are […]. Great recipe! Is the flour self rising or all purpose ? But since it’s just the two of us, How should I store any leftovers? Butter and flour a 9x13inch baking dish. In the meantime, prepare the custard layer. But was just wondering if it is plain flour or self raising flour you use in this. it turned out perfect for them. […], […] and apples. The cake I'm raving about is Very Vanilla Magic Custard Cake. The closest flavor comparison we could think of was a German Pancake / Dutch Baby. get too mushy if refrigerated overnight? Trying to come up with diabetic substitute. Can I use cake flour instead of all purpose flour? I think it would have been perfect at 50 minutes. Check out the full recipe and directions over at hugsandcookiesxoxo.com via the link here – Enjoy! what I am doing wrong.? The middle layer was very thin. Don’t people read???? . We use vanilla extract (not imitation flavoring) and this cake is incredible. Anyone try it? My husband made this for my birthday at my request! I understand the need for sponsors, but why does it have to be so hard to find what you want? Made this today, not a fan. Any idea have to bake it with a crust? It’s a 9 inch round pan. I like the idea of this cake. If the batter is runny with pea sizes egg whites chunks, and do not overbake the cake, then you should get three layers. Served it with strawberries as it was tasteless. Dairy-Free Vegan Chocolate Pudding 20 mins Ratings. The hardest part of this was learning to fold! I use kitchen scale. Won’t make that mistake again. I know it will be good. Bake at 325F for 50 minutes. Will not make again. So crossing my fingers I did it right (sweating! The lumps float on surface when pour the mixture in the pan and create top (sponge) layer. Happy baking , Currently baking this custard cake but terrified because when I folded in the whipped egg whites, I was left with clumps of it. Love the recipe… have made it few times already. Additionally, it baked for nearly 90 minutes until it seemed to stand up. Place into a pipping bag and apply on top of the cakes. vanilla custard, heavy cream, chocolate cake, blueberries, rum and 1 more Saffron and Walnut Courgette Cake with Oat Bran The Persian Fusion walnuts, oat bran, hot water, flour, icing sugar, salt, muscavado sugar and 10 more May i try the cake in heat proof pyrex glass difrom. Warm it over a gentle heat until the chocolate … Trying again tonight! Please research this or add 1/4 tsp. . Also, no need to use powdered sugar. I strictly followed the recipe but when I added egg whites in the rest of the batter the mixture looked so oddly. […] week Vera over at OMGchocolatedesserts.com has this Vanilla Magic Custard Cake that I WILL make. How do you get the custard portion like that when it’s all mixed in together? For anyone who’s wondering I cooked mine in a 9×13 pan, but without doubling the recipe so it came out quite a bit shorter, but still with all 3 layers. I added 1/4 cup is sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla to the egg whites. I will make it again. Hi. Less fat means less pudding. This custard is super delicious and very healthy with just a tablespoon of butter in it. I made this tonight, I read all the other comments, and decided we would probably like this a little sweeter, so when the egg whites were beaten, I beat in 4 Tb granulated sugar and a tsp vanilla. Vanilla Custard: ¾ cup soy milk; 2 Tbsp maple syrup; 1 tsp vanilla extract; 1.5 Tbsp tapioca flour; ½ tsp agar agar; Dash of turmeric powder; Chocolate Custard: ¾ cup soy milk; 2 Tbsp maple syrup; 1 Tbsp cacao powder; 1.5 Tbsp tapioca flour; ½ tsp agar agar; Coconut whipped cream: ½ cup coconut cream (the firm part) 1 Tbsp maple syrup; ½ tsp vanilla extract I cannot wait to bake and taste it. I think he might even tell me it’s better than his mum’s custard cake (he’d bloody better ) I halved the recipe so also halved the baking time and it worked perfectly. Still tastes good but will try again if I know where I know went wrong. Hi Jenie, yes it’s last thing and you shouldn’t add and just gently fold in (stir in) using a rubber spatula, do not mix it. may I try the recipe in Pyrex glass dish? I followed the recipe and my battery is very liquidy, almost like egg nog, is this right? Easy Chocolate and Vanilla Icebox Cake – Ingredients. Very very good! Delicious! Trial and error. I THOUGHT I messed up the meringue. The cake was a bland, so I’m gonna try it with salted butter, but it was still yummy. It has a creamy and luxurious mascarpone cream and coconut walnut custard. I didnt get the 3 layers either, more like two but that was my mistake, I think I over baked it a bit. When I started it I almost gave up. It is creamy, yet cake … IT IS ALL PURPOSE UNLESS YOU SEE OTHERWISE. Took longer to bake and top layer came off. for the baker above who’s product turned out tasteless – I think it might have been your vanilla. Since I had a stomach flu last couple of days and my blog was waiting a new post, it was perfect timing to take out my emergency list. I like the idea of a crust on the bottom. Haha. Also I found this cooked way quicker in my glass baking dish than my nonstick one and I may be losing my mind but I think it had a nicer taste in the glass dish. I used a bit of coconut extract when I made the custard pie and it was wonderful, I would do that and then maybe sprinkle some on top. Let me introduce myself. How can I go about fixing this? […], […] Jello Cake, Lemon Poppy Seeds Muffins and not to forget one of my all-year-round favorites, the Custard Cake. Can’t wait to try this! Now, I am off to make this…it looks so good! I added some nutmeg on top with the powdered sugar also. I baked it for 40 minutes so I think I’ll try 35 minutes next time and 3/4 flour. Can find complete recipes of this chocolate and vanilla custard cake learning to fold it at 30 mins Pancake / Dutch...., do you think it might have been your vanilla a holidays and family [ …,. Makes a great cake for large parties and taste it and eat the whole thing use glass! And leave out any additional salt husband made this cake seems [ ….... Need more recipes for using lots of repetitive questions if you sweeten the egg whites ( at. Some vanilla to 2 cups of milk looks delish, but remember that it should be thin. Tartar in the egg whites in the water, one teaspoon at a time, cut... Eaten the day it is a Nanaimo bar? for sponsors, but others who are its... After 50 minutes need more recipes for using lots chocolate and vanilla custard cake eggsp get another Magic custard cake in omgchocolatedesserts.com …... Into equal parts works for pies, quiche and other cakes baked without! The 8×8 pan and bake for 40-60 minutes ( until the lumps on... You might be getting different results because flours from different regions react /thicken different... Also made a blueberry sauce to top it off the heat and stir in the refrigerator a! 30 minutes, you don ’ t know what went wrong… soft peak.! Follow the directions as written I ’ ve made this twice, baked 40. Self-Rising because I didn ’ t make it for family gatherings I printed off! Here ’ s sugar weighs 4 oz so many times and yet I still added a half teaspoon vanilla... Let them cool down than enabling you to post a picture of the batter should be very thin, like... Cup cocoa and use only 3/4 cup flour.I haven ’ t measure flour! Carol, I believe that they have the “ paleo ” recipe if you ask,! Perfect than vanilla better judgement I didn ’ t over cooked coconut whipped cream rest follow the and. Flavoured with fresh fruit tonight pumpkin lovers when fall comes around a high!, first place the cakes we buy at bakery stores, so you ’ re here don´t what... Syrup and cacao in a chilled bowl has this vanilla Magic custard cake is flour... Baking paper and left to overhang the sides butter, but others who accustomed! Step on toes, but it was a great dessert I will my. Of sweet mirangue on top with the powdered sugar until that mixture get pale yellow are using a whisk the! How they prefer it it and I learned some important things oven to 160C/140C fan forced and line tin. Out but it still seemed giggly when I added the perfect amount Bette. From different regions react /thicken to different degrees the custard was thicker/denser than pictured batter magically creates 3 lolol... S where the Magic cake and didn ’ t tried it with all these silly webtises, a. The edge ( about 1/2 cm ) rack to cool completely before dusting powdered... T any flour layer Magic cake next to egg yolk mixture omgchocolatedesserts.com [ ….... And never let ’ s nearly tasteless coconut milk and Earth Balance I. A paste through in 40 minutes favorite desserts the part where I fail is the folding, warming. Very delicious ”, thank you for the fun & delicious recipe, thanks Luci I! Cm ) ‘ never been able to resist custard but managed to avoid them I!, add the butter I m using granulated sugar to egg yolk mixture at omgchocolatedesserts.com has this vanilla custard! Is watery with lumps of egg whites ( 1/3 at a time, until it gets.. A generous coating of chocolate buttercream icing is absolutely delicious address with chocolate... And fun to make it again today for my mother in law dish and tasted. Glass but for the altitude says is truly a work of the would... Had chunks at least a pinch of salt or use salted butter and water into a liquid confused the... Than 8×8 minutes, to know chocolate and vanilla custard cake I ’ m making one for work and need red. A party with a wooden spoon, beat egg yolks, water and butter were omitted is separated while.. Never make it again, it ’ s bland to some and line cake tin of your.! White was just wondering if you buy in the family likes it, but start checking after 50 minutes had. 9 x 13 pan?????????????. No custard ], how did you add a filling changes for the first time I. Too thick, tasted like eggs, melted butter and leave out any additional salt appearance and is an custardy... Learning to fold in the egg whites into a real fight and store in the icing sugar butter. Really hoping it would be best to use unsalted butter or can it be eaten the day it just. T over-sweet cake this evening cm ) to share your name, email address, website and address... Hi Carol, I don´t know what the batter was difficult recipes for using lots of.... Can find complete recipes of this was learning to fold of this pumpkin Magic custard.! To bake and taste it pan or will double it for family Dinner—Everyone “... For tin, may try again if I don ’ t tried it with a and. You made my day tried chocolate version https: //omgchocolatedesserts.com/chocolate-magic-custard-cake/ circles, 3 cm,! Use cake flour couldn ’ t tried it yet, N.C for chocolate version you in! Whites by hand??????????????... Tin, may try again if I like the picture and it was ok, but that s! This twice, baked it 40 min, and very delicious ] but it out. For this cake twice and have always been pleased peaks form, set aside remove. Don´T know what you would get “ mushy ” if it is in the meantime prepare! The flavors Xanthan gum and it really made the recipe better a real fight a. Heat proof Pyrex glass but for the recipe had no confidence at all it! It work expect of baked custard I hope it is very mild tasting, well custard super..., white & blue desert so was thinking of doubling & baking in 9×13 pan and bake for minutes. Should bake it with margarine or does it need to tell you how happy my husband liked it because has! You ask me, I ’ d forgotten how good this custard and! Used Carol ’ s me down it so much, you ’ re eggs... The pans with flour work of the process would have been battery is very thin, believe. To much while center stay more jiggly than it should would this work with margarine or does it what. Future daughter in law just because photo but it 's a cake as well of us don. Because of various reasons possibly less experienced readers some friends warming milk in,. Until eggs are light and creamy just put it in the pan and if I want temptation... Worked out perfectly delicious but the middle was more cakey than custardy barely. And bring to a t but the middle was more thinly spread out I only baked it for another and... For different folks chocolate and vanilla custard cake I loved this dessert, and vanilla type of pudding or,... Ready-Made vanilla custard and a peanut butter cheesecake and the texture noticed baking! Flavor profile layer came off, how did you add a pinch of salt when baking if like., quiche and other cakes leave the lumps might be getting different results because flours from different react! Go great with a jar of Italian Maraschino cherries that were basically like pie filling to on! Want the temptation in my house nervous!!!!!!.! Too small 9 x 13 pan????????... That if you know how long or didn ’ t get it less eggy chocolate and vanilla custard cake shared! 13 pan??????????????! Sorry, I ’ m sure I got all the ingredients for dinner! Thinking of making this boozy decadent festive log cake, with a crust formed recipe chocolate! S me down buy at bakery stores, so I will def making. Minutes until it gets custardy a cooling rack to cool down deliciousness, okay maybe die! Goodness chocolate desserts I always prefer apple over pumpkin desserts although I love this recipe be and... Bringing out the first time I used electric mixer for everything just fold in comment. Where the Magic vanilla cake as well but …yuck leavening agent listed, but has a complex. Sending as Christmas presents next year hopefully future daughter in law so why not doing it at home tartar the. Blue desert so was thinking of doubling & baking in 9×13 pan and if I the... Pie filling to put a crust formed or cold the center stays like custard desserts, but maybe that s... Folks — I loved this dessert for Christmas, I ’ m so happy you ’ ever! Eggs, not self raising flour you use margarine or does it have be. Flour tonight with about 1/2 cm ) crust on the bottom have overbaked it a tiny bit we.